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Individual Solutions

    We offer complete, turn-key I.T. packages individually designed and constructed to our client’s specifications.  Our specialty is to simplify and streamline your I.T. tasks through our hands-on, personal approach. Our consultants will analyze your system, ask you questions, and use your specific business requirements to construct an easy, no-nonsense, custom solution to address your company’s individual needs.  You will achieve peace of mind.  We will achieve your business’ Information Technology requirements.   


    We prefer to work with our clients on an individual basis, based on their specific requirements.  Every project, immediate, as well as ongoing, is analyzed in terms of cost vs. output, and priced accordingly.  You come to us with your requirements; we come to you with a fair bid.  Then we talk, and come to an agreement.  We are eager to work with our client’s specific needs.  

No Netspeak

    We promise to not inundate you with a load of network-jargon, “leet-speak,” and other technical verbatim.  You are involved with your business.  We are involved in communicating to you in whatever way you are comfortable with.  We believe that what we do is important.  The way we talk is also important, because we want to understand and communicate our precise intentions without confusion.  Therefore, we will communicate with you based on your own business knowledge, and describe things in terms we can both understand.  

Computer and Network Administration

    Healthy networks are the foundation of modern business, and healthy, clean systems are the foundation of a healthy network.  Without them, your business stops.  If your computer-based infrastructure cannot work efficiently, you lose income.  We can manage and/or re-design your network infrastructure based on your current and projected business requirements.  If desired, we will analyze your system and come back to you with possible solutions based on your supplied business requirements and projected needs.  This includes everything from firewalls, anti-virus, and maintenance solutions, to server and network architecture, workstation security, backups, and emergency support.  

Web Hosting, Design, and Webmail

    Our ultimate goal is to deliver the optimum, turn-key solution to your business. In addition to our network management services, Dataflow Networks also offers services for on or off-site web-hosting, design, and web-based email.  Because we offer services hosted on-site, we have first-hand control over maintenance and upgrade issues, thereby minimizing the possibility of down-time.  This means that your client’s information is more secure, and that we have immediate access to equipment and data without relying on outside resources.  Your business is your business.  Our business is to create and/or maintain attractive web-sites and effective servers for your consumers to do business with you.  Whether you have a plan for your site, or just need to get it done, we can help your business achieve an impressive presence on the web.  

Email Filtering

    Dataflow Networks offers the ability to scan incoming email, and filter out unwanted results.  This way, you get the mail you want; you don’t get a bunch of spam.  We know you are busy.  You don’t have time to sift through a hundred useless messages— or a thousand.  It’s easy for someone to get your email address and send you anything they want.  We are here to protect you.  Dataflow networks has specialized systems to deny unwarranted emails based on a variety of technologies, including simple black-and-white-listing, frequent server listings, domains and network addresses— even reputations of specific Internet locations.  This service includes anti-viral, phishing, and other mal-ware scanning.  Not only do we protect you against incoming threats, but against outbound threats as well, even going so far as preventing theft of trade-secrets and other critical data.  

Remote Backup Strategies

    Electronic data is your business’ greatest asset.  In addition to our other services, Dataflow Networks offers the ability to automatically backup and restore your servers, workstations, and/or specific files to our 24/7 available archives using top-of-the-line, secure, encryption technology.  We offer a variety of scalable options, depending on your business needs.

Remote Backup Solutions

    The Dataflow Networks Remote Backup solution is ideal for small business and home offices that have high speed data connections and up to 100 GB (and more) of critical data. Remote Backup is easily installed and once configured, has a set-it-and-forget-it setting and sends you daily emails upon completion. Your data is encrypted and stored remotely in a tier-four data center. Restoration is a simple process 24/7. Protect your data! Sign up for offsite backup services today.

Client Testimonials

"Dataflow Networks is not just another IT consulting firm, they are real people that listen and that you can talk to!" - Steven Lewis

"They make technology easy to understand and followed through with everything." - Dan Mandly

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