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Dataflow Networks

An Industry Leader Since 1999

    In 1999, Mike and Heather Johnson realized there was a need in the local area for IT outsourcing for small to medium-sized businesses. They collaborated on some ideas for how they could provide a better service to fulfill these companies needs to maintain their networks, while at the same time reducing their overhead. An industry leader was born. Dataflow Networks hatched from it's nest with the initial signing of the business license. But a license to do business is not a guarantee of worth. Mike's steady hand and continuous research practices, along with Heather's diligent financial guidance, and the support of their talented associates, have made Dataflow Networks a top competitor in the field of local I.T. out-sourcing in the East Bay. 

Mike Johnson, Network Engineer; Owner, Dataflow Networks

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    Mike has always been devoted to technology, and to staying on top of current trends in the I.T. industry. Initially acquiring his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification in 1998, Mike has been a virtual disciple of system administration and network management solutions for over 15 years. He has acquired a number of other I.T. certifications, including numerouos Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certifications.  Because of his constant study and practice, as well as his unwavering attitude, come out on top— even when faced with unique and unusual situations. Mike’s friendly demeanor, and shark-like troubleshooting abilities make him able to overcome the most challenging technological hurdles with a smile. Your network is protected and safe in his capable hands. If you are looking for someone who can relate to your needs— someone with answers gleaned from experience, who can find that one screw that when turned makes things work— Mike is your man. Currently, Mike resides in Livermore, California with his wife, Heather, and their four children. Mike spends his "free" time brushing up on his skills, and researching new, effective ways to help his clients.

Heather Johnson, Operations Manager, Dataflow Networks

    Heather Johnson began her administrative career with the Otis Elevator Company over twelve years ago as staff support for the Human Resources Director. She then was offered a position with Mervyn's Corporate Headquarters, where she continued work in Human Resources as support for Mervyn's Vice President, HR. Her responsibilities included everything from benefits, compensation, learning and development, to records, recruiting and staffing, information management, and leadership development. She resides in Livermore, California with her husband, Mike, and their three children, where she works as the Operations Manager for Dataflow Networks.

Other Associate Staff:

Jeremy Bycourt, Support Engineer

Jeremy has worked with Dataflow Networks since 2006.  He is an old school hacker with new school ideas.  At the age of 8, he began with Ham radio, phone phreaking and old bulletin board systems.  The interest in technology eventually led to jobs in the computer industry.  For over 20 years, Firstname has conducted security audits and penetration tests both on the off the record, and advised for numerous organizations, including Sun Microsystems, Oracle and Public Service Communications Affiliates. 

His skills and expertise include Telecommunications, VoIP, Linux, TCP/IP, Unix, IP, VMware, Switches, Integration, Windows, Virtualization, VPN and Network Security.

Jeremy is fully versed in Morse Code, Emergency Communications Preparedness and Disaster Management.  He has studied at Sonoma State University, and received his Associate of Science Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.  There, he also studied Communications and Photonics, Computer Hardware & Software, Bioengineering, Theory of Software Systems, High Performance Computing, Digital Circuit & Logic Design, Microprocessors & System Design and Electromagnetic Theory & Application.  His education continued at MIT, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science, studying Radar Communications and Systems Technology. 

Jeremy is happy and eager to be given a challenge.  He embraces technology and loves taking on anything complicated.

J.D. Mayfield, Support Engineer

JD Mayfield began the journey as an IT professional when his dad brought home a Texas Instruments TSR-80 home computer-- one of the first computers built for ordinary individuals to own. Since then he has studied both in school, and at home, a broad spectrum of skills ranging from programming to PC repair and network administration. JD is at home with a number of devices ranging from home computers to mid-size corporate infrastuctures, servers, routers etc. His forte's are programming, trouble-shooting, server design, and malware and virus removal, to name a few. But JD is not only about the machines. He enjoys the personal approach as a Network Engineer at Dataflow Networks, and strives to maintain a pleasant, worry-free, and informed atmosphere regarding his clients and their technological needs. In his personal life, JD spends his time experimenting with new systems, writing new software and algorithms, and visiting with friends and loved ones. JD is familiar with typical and standard network infrasctructures for small businesses, web-oriented languages such PERL, PHP, Java and JavaScript, CSS, Windows, Linux, and advanced trouble-shooting techniques to make them all work.

Rosio Flores, Support Technician

Rosio is a student at Las Positas College working on her Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification.  She is a natural at troubleshooting complex issues involving the Windows enviroments and can tear apart laptops and build and rebuild desktops like a true champ.

Jesus Gonzales, Support Technician

Cody Fulfer, Support Technician

Brad Menden, Outside Sales

Brian Olson, Logistics

Jenna Cisterman, Administrative Assistant

Remote Backup Solutions

    The Dataflow Networks Remote Backup solution is ideal for small business and home offices that have high speed data connections and up to 100 GB (and more) of critical data. Remote Backup is easily installed and once configured, has a set-it-and-forget-it setting and sends you daily emails upon completion. Your data is encrypted and stored remotely in a tier-four data center. Restoration is a simple process 24/7. Protect your data! Sign up for offsite backup services today.

Client Testimonials

"Dataflow Networks is not just another IT consulting firm, they are real people that listen and that you can talk to!" - Steven Lewis

"They make technology easy to understand and followed through with everything." - Dan Mandly

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